KB Diamond Bracelet (012)

₹ 0.00
The bracelet is designed for the special day , natural diamond with blue color stone

KB Diamond Bracelet(011)

₹ 0.00
Bracelet is designed for the special day , natural diamond with green color stone

KB Diamond Bracelet(019)

₹ 90,000.00
A classy oval bracelet that is coveted for its resplendent beauty and unmatched in refined purity.


₹ 0.00
A beautiful oval bracelet that is designed as an expression of your love and exuberance towards life.

KB Diamond Bracelet(021)

₹ 80,000.00
This oval bracelet is engraved in a lovely pattern that elevates your spirit at all times during the day.

KB Diamond Bracelet(022)

₹ 0.00
Designed with a breath taking aspiration, this oval bracelet is the defacto accessory that you need to shine.

KB Diamond Bracelet(023)

₹ 0.00
Precisely designed classic oval bracelet with diamonds which is an adjunct refinement to your relished glamour.

KB Diamond Bracelet(024)

₹ 50,000.00
An exquisitely crafted oval bracelet with diamonds that are an exemplification of the wearer's personality.

KB Diamond Bracelet(025)

₹ 0.00
Charming oval bracelet crafted with finesse that exudes an aura of regal resplendence.

KB Diamond Bracelet(026)

₹ 0.00
This is a classy oval bracelet which has beautiful diamonds encrusted that is a visual celebration of artistry.

KB Diamond Bracelet(027)

₹ 0.00
Splendid diamond bracelet which is a testament to your persevering beauty and your everlasting grace.

KB Diamond Bracelet(028)

₹ 0.00
Lithesome bracelet encrusted with diamond signifying the wearer's endearing exuberance for a life that is full and vibrant.

KB Diamond Bracelet(031)

₹ 30,000.00
A rose gold oval bracelet featuring a diamond inlaid pattern that is a true expression of your true self to be worn on your sleeve. The sleek curvy design is a proclamation about your immutable spirit.

KB Diamond Bracelet(035)

₹ 50,000.00
Intricate craftmanship on this oval bracelet decorated with diamonds has to be experienced in all its glory. Diamonds are fittingly set to display on a pattern that resembles geometrical diamonds

KB Diamond Bracelet(034)

₹ 0.00
A delightful floral pattern sets this oval bracelet a class above all other contemporary designs.

KB Diamond Bracelet(033)

₹ 0.00
An oval bracelet from our Kenna collection featuring an intricate design pattern that signifies your distinctively alluring taste in choice of expression.

KB Diamond Bracelet(032)

₹ 60,000.00
A beloved oval shaped bracelet set with diamonds that has an eye-catching floral pattern elevating the sparkle in any room by your mere presence.

KB Diamond Bracelet(030)

₹ 0.00
Magnificent yellow gold bracelet in an oval shape that gives the wearer an aura of elegance unmatched by any other accessory.

KB Diamond Bracelet(029)

₹ 0.00
Inspirational oval shaped bracelet with an inlaid radial pattern that invokes a sense of glitz and glamour. With its diamond encrusted body, the bracelet brings exceptional poise to each moment of your life.
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